Falkirk District

Wargames Club



Confirmed Clubs.


Angus Wargames Club
Saga - DG
Bathgate Wargames Club
Highwaymans Hazard - PPG
Blues Bears

A Needle in an Ocean of Haystacks - WWII Arieal Warfare - PPG

Border Reivers

Irish Civil War 1921 - DG

David Kerr Smith

Malifaux - DG

Dumfries Wargames Club
Hail Caeser - DG
Dunfermline Wargames Club

15mm American Civil War - DG

Durham Wargames Club

Once Upon a Time in the Old North West -The War of 1812 - DG

WHFB Rumble in the Jungle - DG
Edinburgh League of Gamers
The Tomb Lords Awaken; Epic 40K - DG
Falkirk RPG
Mordheim - PPG
Gentlemens Wargames Parlour
VBCW Tank Battle - PPG
Glasgow & District Wargames Club
Barbarossa 1942 - DG
Glasgow Gaming Group
Empire of Dread - Victorian Fantasy/SF - PPG
Gourock Wargames Club
2nd Day at Gettysburg - DG

Greenock Wargames Club / League of Extraordinary Kreigspeilers

Game TBA
Independant Wargames Brigade
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Pirates) - DG
Inverness Roleplaying and Wargames Association
Battletech - DG
Iron Brigade
ECW 28mm - DG
League of Augsburg
1689 Somewhere in Ulster - DG
Livingston Battleground
FoW - DG
Lothian Gamers
Dark Heresy & Pathfinder - PPG
Kirriemuir Wargames Club
Urban War - PPG
Old Meldrum Wargames Club
Aces High 20mm WWI - PPG
RAF Leuchars
Band of Brothers D-Day Drop - DG
Syria 1941 Britain vs Vichy France - DG
St Aidans Warriors
Malifaux 'There's Something Rotten in the Sewers'- DG
Stirling Wargamers
Lord of the Rings - DG
The Society of Ancients / Phoenix Wargames Club
Battle of Plataea - DG
Tyneside Wargames Club
Borodino 1812 6mm - DG
Urban Mammoth Demo Team
Urban Mammoth - PPG


PPG = Public Participation Game

DG = Demonstration Game