After Action Report – “A Nice Cup of Tea”

For those interested here is a report on how the scenario worked out when we played it and a few pictures. Much chaos, laughter and bad dice rolls made for a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment. If anyone finds Ken’s lost grenade don’t pick it up, you never know when it might go off!  Continue reading

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“A Nice Cup of Tea” – an IHMN Scenario

Of the many rule sets regularly played at Falkirk District Wargames Club one of my favourites is “In Her Majesty’s Name” which has produced many memorable games. Although originally written for 2 players we have adapted it for multi-player games featuring 4, 5 or 6 protagonists. In 2015 we ran a series of games as a campaign and from time to time those same companies emerge for other games to introduce new players to the rules. One of the strengths of IHMN is that it produces a narrative style of game which is easy to link into others in the wider storyline.

Our latest game was inspired by Ken’s purchase of the rules and completion of his Chinese Warlord company while Dave wanted to give his recently acquired Cossacks an outing. When Kenny rashly volunteered to lend us some Boxers he was roped into playing the Imperial Chinese. So the scene was set for one of my favourite characters Professor Poppington to venture into the Back of Beyond with the aid of some members of the Corps of Guides.  Continue reading

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