FDWC member Registration

Please note: only official members of Falkirk District Wargames Club can apply for the private club forums and blog access. Registrations from non club members will be denied!

Registered FDWC members will be provided the following access:

FORUMParticipant – you can create and edit your own topics and replies. This is primarily a resource for club members to organise campaigns or special events and is subject to moderation. For general wargaming discussions and banter, please use the club’s Facebook group.

BLOG : Subscriber – you will have  basic functionality such as changing your profile and leaving comments.

If you would like to author a blog post from time to time, please request blog Contributor access – registered club members can write blog posts but cannot publish them. Instead, posts can be submitted for review by the blog Editors before publishing This is a public facing club blog for members who wish to author articles of interest to be shared with the global wargaming community.

Club members who wish to apply for Forum & Blog access, please email your details providing:

  1. Forum USER NAME [Optional – this is your blog and forum identity. If no user name is provided, your full name will be used by default]
  2. FULL NAME [mandatory]
  3. EMAIL ADDRESS [mandatory]
  4. Do you require Blog Contributor access (see above)? Y/N

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